How to tie your belt

how to tie tae kwon do belt photos

Unified Taekwondo is intended for students of all levels and one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from beginners is 'how do I tie my Taekwondo belt?' This photo guide shows you how.

  • Start by folding the belt in half lengthways to find the centre.
  • Place the centre of the belt to the centre of your body roughhly covering your navel.
  • Wrap one side of your belt all the way round your waist placing it beneath the other side at the front.
  • Now wrap the other side of your belt round your waist so that it neatly covers the 1st wrap you made and the ends of the belt cross each other at the front.

A Photo Guide to Tying Your Belt
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Your belt should now form two loops around your body with the second loop lying neatly on top of the first crossing at the front. Tuck the top loop beneath the belt and pull it up behind the belt from bottom to top
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The front of the belt should now form a cross Bringing the lower length across to the centre place the top length downwards to lie over it and tuck it beneath to form a loop
how to tie taekwondo belt photo 7 how to tie taekwondo belt photo 8  
Pull both ends of the belt to tighten The belt should lie flat around your waist with both the ends of even length.  

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